Luca and Daniela

Years of experience in directing, shooting and editing, working for broadcasts and public and private bodies, making documentaries, reports, news and interviews.

A passion for travelling, art, archeology.

Today, free from the constraints of work, Luca Errera and Daniela Trastulli continue to cultivate their passion which has been a profession: travelling, understanding, documenting, capturing images and sounds. With an advantage: to finally be able to follow their own pace, interests and their own way of storytelling.

Luca Errera, Daniela Trastulli, reportage, viaggio, videomaker, filmmaker, Iran, India, Giordania, Israele
Daniela Trastulli, Luca Errera, viaggio, reportage, videomaker, regista, Milano, filmmaker, India, Giordania, Israele, giornalista

Luca errera

Luca Errera lives and works in Milan. He became a professional journalist in 2002 and has had a long career as a cameraman.

He began collaborating with Milano TV of the Peruzzo group in 1977, and from May 1984 he produced news broadcasts, documentaries, reportages, theme songs and advertising promotions for the networks of the current Mediaset group. He is co-author, with Daniela Trastulli, of the book Il giornalista con la macchina da presa,published by UTET.

daniela trastulli

Daniela Trastulli worked as a journalist for newspapers and trade press, and collaborated as an editor on television news programmes. In the 1980s, as a researcher, she taught History of Cinema at the University of Florence.

She has been a professor of History of Cinema at the “Luchino Visconti” School of Cinema and Television in Milan since 1990. She has taught Video Journalism and coordinated the course for the School’s Video Reporter for 20 years, and taught video-making in training courses for the Order of Journalists. She made several video portraits and documentaries on the historical and artistic heritage of Milan, as a creator and director. She is co-author, with Luca Errera, of the book Il giornalista con la macchina da presa, published by UTET.